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The Amazing Criswell's Multimedia Room  -  Let's go to the footage!

"Plan 9 from Outer Space" in it's entirety. 
Public Domain. 
(78 minutes)

Criswell from the end monologue
 of "Plan 9 from Outer Space". 
(1 minute)

Criswell Sings - "Someone Walked
Over my Grave". 
(2.28 minutes)

Criswell from the opening monologue
 of "Orgy of the Dead". 
(1.1 minute)

Criswell on The Tonight Show - New Years Eve -
(5.02 minutes)

Criswell Predicts Album - The Dance Remix
(4.28 minutes)

Criswell Sings - "Someone Walked
Over my Grave". 
(2.28 minutes)
Mae West sings "Criswell Predicts"
video by Tor Hershman
  (3.19 minutes)

The Legendary Criswell Predicts
Your Incredible Future (1970). 
(42.05 minutes)

We are always looking for new footage or audio of Criswell. Let us know if you find some!

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