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  So why make a website for The Amazing Criswell?

I get asked that frequently.  Especially from those who have never unfortunately heard of him.

It would be easy to say "why not?", assume that I have way too much time on my hands or that I was somehow seeking to gain from it financially.  All of which are less than accurate.  The main reason is so that we don't forget.

This website started as a "just for fun" remembrance and memorial to a man's life and career.  Information and images have been added and updated as they have become available over the years and I plan to maintain it.

In all this is a fan page / memorial.  While opinions will undoubtedly vary about his actual psychic abilities, Criswell was indisputably an accomplished entertainer, showman, author, actor and yes at times a party favor.  He touched the lives of millions through books, newspapers, radio and the movies and deserves to be remembered.  I cannot grant him a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - this is as close as I can come.

No, I never knew him personally.  Though I have been contacted over the years by those who were either related to him or did know him personally.  Most just want to express their thanks for keeping his memory alive.  One of my favorites was a woman who knew him as a teenager.  Criswell would visit their home and once when asked if he truly had "the gift" Criswell answered that he did, until he started taking money for it.

So, call this website what you will.  Criswell loved to entertain and loved the spotlight.  I believe he would have approved of this website, after all - he knew it would happen.  Enjoy!

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